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Professional Service:

As an extension to the City of Scottsburg's electrical department, our trained experts work professionally to ensure that your home or business is connected quickly and efficiently.

Powerful Connectivity:

Citizens Communications Corporation provides the most powerful Internet connectivity technologies available! Our C3 service offers incredible speeds -- ranging from small business/residential speeds of 128Kb up to corporate levels of 1.5mbps -- all supported by our fiber backbone. We currently have 49 tower locations providing service to Scott, Jackson, Washington, Jefferson and Clark Counties.

Solid Network:

The C3 Broadband wireless network is run through distinct tower locations that distribute signal up to 12 miles from each individual tower location. This allows us to cover large areas of Scott County with a minimal amount of tower installations as well as increase coverage quickly and efficiently. C3 will continue to develop and offer the most comprehensive Internet access for years to come.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or inquires.