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Our Services:

Citizens Communications offers wireless Internet service that is always on. Our service is fast, affordable, reliable and secure. We currently have 52 tower locations providing service to Scott, Jackson, Washington, Jefferson, Jennings, Bartholomew, Shelby, Johnson and Clark Counties. Want to know if you're in our coverage area? Click for a map of our residental or business service areas.

Why Broadband:

  • Wireless Internet connections are always on -- there's no need for a separate phone line and you'll never get a busy signal.
  • C3bb's service is fast -- our speeds start at 512kbps and range up to 3Mb.
  • Wireless Internet connectivity is affordable -- often our prices are less than you'll pay for a dial-up account.
  • Our connections are reliable -- there's no waiting for an available modem.
  • You can rest assured your Internet connectivity is safe -- each of our circuits are protected by a firewall for your security.

Why Citizens Communications:

  • Our team of installers, customer and technical support personnel are available for you.
  • We aren't a huge company where you never get to know who you're doing business with.
  • All of our business relationships are developed with the communities we serve in mind.
  • Our installers are trained and qualified to professionally install services without hassle.
  • All the equipment you need is installed and maintained by Citizens Communications.
  • If you have need of technical support, our support team is available for you at 812-752-0189

Increase Your Horizons and Get Connected:

It's easy to get connected. Just contact the C3bb office at 812.752.7204 or by our online form to schedule an appointment for a technician to complete a site survey and determine your signal strength. Installation will then take place at the site.