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Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What is Citizens Communications Corporation (C3)?
A - C3 is an always-on High Speed Internet Connection Service.

Q - How fast is Citizens Communications Corporation (C3)?
A - Speeds range from 128Kb to 2.0Mb per second. Speeds vary based on signal strength and general Internet congestion. Other speeds are available but need discussed with the C3bb Office for availability.

Q - Do you guarantee download and upload speeds?
A - Although we wish we could guarantee actual download and upload speeds, because of many different variables, we cannot guarantee that your speeds will always achieve the maximum speed that you purchase. For instance if you buy a 512Kb/512Kb circuit actual speeds will vary from 64Kb UP TO 512Kb. This is based on the server that you connect to, what speeds that server has going to it, how busy it is, what Internet routes are involved and any other general Internet congestion.

Q - How many computers can I connect to the service?
A - C3 is priced by the circuit speed and security level desired. You may connect as many computers as you would like to your circuit at your home or business location. We do not have a PER SEAT FEE for businesses! Note: C3bb doesn't repair or replaced routers or wireless routers that may be defective causing your connection to work improperly.

Q - How do I sign-up?
A - To sign-up for C3 you can either call us at 812.752.7204, or fill out the contact form provided online. Once we know you are interested in the service we will conduct a site survey to see if we have signal at your location. If we have signal then you can get the service.

Q - Will atmospheric conditions or solar eruptions (sun spots) cause interruptions in service?
A - No, These types of conditions do not cause problems with C3.

Q - When will C3 be available for commercial and residential use, and what will be the costs?
A - C3 is now in full operation as a utility. Click for our commercial and residential rates.

Q - When will C3 be available in my area?
A - Service is now available to Scott, Jackson, Washington, Jefferson, Jennings, Shelby, Johnson, Bartholomew and Clark Counties. As new sites become active, we will be able to provide service to many new locations. If we can detect signal at your location you can sign up for service. All potential locations have to be site surveyed to determine signal and signal strengths. Site surveys are done if we feel there is a good chance to get a signal.

Q - How do I setup my e-mail through Outlook Express?
A - Click here for fast and easy instructions on setting up your email in Outlook Express.

Q - How do I access my email through the web?
A - You can visit and enter your user name ( and password to access your email through the web. Please note that our webmail email doesn't have a large amount of storage space therefore we suggest that you get it setup through Outlook or Gmail.

If you have a question and can't find the answer above simply contact us and we will respond to your question as soon as possible.