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New to the Internet? Surf through our new user tutorials and find the answers to your questions!

What's Here:

If you're new to the Internet, the maze of online options is sometimes overwhelming. If you don't even know where to start, we're here to help. You have the Internet at your fingertips in blazing wireless broadband speed and now need to make the most of your experience. Start with our online tutorials and then try new things on your own!

Web Basics:

This tutorial will provide information on various Internet browsers, will get you started surfing the Internet with your browser, inform you of features on popular browsers and provide you with other helpful tools and information to help you troubleshoot browser problems.
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Email Basics:

Need help understanding how to compose an email message, check your email or send an attachment to an intended recipient? The information you need is right here.
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Chat and Messaging Basics:

The Internet is a popular way to communicate with family and friends. This lesson will introduce you to chat and messaging formats and help you learn about chat servers, instant messaging and audio and video conferencing.
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How to Deal with Spam:

What is SPAM and how can you deal with it? This lesson will provide tips to help you not become overwhelmed with junk email.
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Protecting Your Computer:

It's a jungle on the Internet and your computer is a target for many unscrupulous advertisers and malicious hackers. You need protection! To learn the basics of how to keep your computer safe, this is the lesson you need to read and remember.
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