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Be Safe -- Be Protected:

Even after purchasing a new computer, there's tons of updating that needs to be done for all the programs that come with the release of the operating system as well as new updating for all extra software that we may reinstall during set-up. Downloading just anti-virus updates for someone connected on a 56k modem is painfully slow. It's utterly impossible to grab all the updates (currently over 100 meg) from Microsoft's Windows Update service using a mere dial-up modem. Mac and Linux users aren't quite as overwhelmed with updates, but still there are several. With C3bb's fast wireless broadband connection - keeping your computer protected should be a snap!

Keep Your Operating System Up-To-Date:

Whether your computing on a PC or a MAC operating system, you must keep abreast of the latest patches and downloads that are required to protect you from malicious attacks. Check updates often or set your preferences to automatically and periodically check for critical system updates as they become available.

Hackers work zealously to exploit every vulnerability that is reported in the media, unleashing worms and viruses that run rampant throughout the Internet. The computer users who didn't take the time to install the patches are extremely vulnerable and their personal and financial information is unsafe. Updating is simple:

  • PC Users -- just point your browser to and let the web site scan your computer and install the updates.
  • MAC Users -- Click Here or simply use the software update program located in system preferences

Protect Your Computer Against Viruses:


Avast! Antivirus


Your system is only as protected as you allow it to be. Keep those virus data files current! To see how your system rates insofar as protection, click here.

Get Rid of Spyware/Adware:

Increasingly, computer users are complaining of problems caused by spyware. Every keystroke you make, website you visit and email message sent can be recorded or monitored by software installed on your computer without your knowledge. Almost all known spyware is aimed at the Microsoft Windows operating system often causing system anomalies and program incompatibilities that can do damage to your computer and legitimate applications.

One type of spyware, known as adware, is a small piece of software that works through a program installed for unrelated use. Most often found in freeware, adware will automatically install an additional component that supplies a stream of advertisements to your computer.

To clear your computer of adware, spyware, and many other pesky programs, use a free anti-spyware utility like PepiMK Software's Spybot Search & Destroy or Lavasoft's Ad-aware Removal Tool. In fact, you may have the best results if you use both, since neither is likely to catch every malicious application installed on your PC. Webroot, maker of another good anti-spyware tool called Spy Sweeper, offers Spy Audit, a free online spyware scan.

Spybot : Search and Destroy
AVG Anti-Virus